How to Clean Your Gutters

How to Clean Your Gutters

Gutter system installation and repair is available throughout the United States. Look for licenced professionals to do the job right.

Step One: Clean Gutter Near Downspout

Begin by cleaning the gutter near the downspout. Be sure to use a stable ladder.

TIP: Try using an attachment for your garden hose to reach up above without using a ladder.

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Step Two: Remove Large Debris First

With a trash can or pail remove all large debis from the gutter near the downspout.

Step Three: Remove Smaller Debis with a Hose

With a garden hose, carefully climb the ladder and remove smaller debris. Safety first.

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Cleaning a gutter takes time. Besafe and if the job is too much contact a Just Gutter contractor.

Just Gutter contractors go beyond just cleaning your gutters, they will assess the existing gutter system and, if required, make necessary repairs to gutters of all sizes and styles. Just Gutter contractors will also replace or re-grade to ensure proper drainage and ensure your downspouts are also clean of debris to ensure a complete drainage system.

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